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Hi, I'm Quinton Miller.

I am a Software Engineer currently building customer-facing web applications for Say Insurance using Angular.


I began programming and building websites when I was in middle school and have not stopped since then. I am passionate about modern web technologies and solving complex problems through programming. My friends and colleagues know me as a meticulous coder who can work quickly without cutting corners. I try to have a wide and deep understanding of programming topics, which means I'm always up for learning something new. However, I don't spend all of my time programming; I also enjoy traveling, attending Counter-Strike tournaments, and attempting to cook.

Since 2016, I have been working at Say Insurance. Say is an online auto insurance company created by Shelter Insurance. At Say, I primarily work on the front-end side by architecting and building web applications. To accomplish this, we use modern web technologies and methodologies such as Angular, Amazon Web Services, and Agile Software Development. Because Say is a pretty small operation, I have been lucky as a new developer to be able to propose and lead some large projects. Some projects that I have lead include: Say Design System, Say Web Components, and rebuilding the Say End-to-End tests.


University of Missouri - Columbia
Class of 2017
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Minor in Mathematics



Say Insurance - Quote Front End

Dates: 2017 - Present
Technologies: Angular 8, PHP, AWS, Yii 2, TypeScript, SCSS, Protractor, Karma
Description: Quote Front End is the web application for the acquisition side of Say that guides the user through getting a quote and purchasing a policy. Because Quote Front End is how Say sells policies, we highly value performance, user experience, and SEO to maximize our conversion rates.

  • Ported older angularJS code to Angular 2
  • Built an End-to-End Page Object library to handle the long and complex flows required to test our application
  • Built a custom server-side rendering solution for our key entry pages to maximize performance
Say quote front end
Say Design System

Say Insurance - Say Design System

Dates: 2018 - Present
Technologies: Angular 8, Stencil, Gulp, SASS / SCSS
Description: Say Design System is the Design System used by all of Say Insurance to improve site consistency and reduce duplicate work across teams. The Design System is comprised of CSS, importable SASS files, web components, an Angular library, and a website built in Angular for documentation.

  • Worked with UX team to build a Design System from the ground up.
  • Worked with front-end teams to get it implemented in all of our systems.

Say Insurance - Home Office Front End

Dates: 2016 - 2017
Technologies: angularJS (1.6), ES6, RxJS, Babel, SCSS, Karma
Description: Home Office Front End is the application that is used by the customer service representatives at Say. This is the project that I started working on when I joined Say. Because this was an internal application, our primary focus was on adding functionality and fixing bugs.

  • Built a queueing solution to handle sending multiple changes when saving changes
  • Refactored application to be more component-based to simplify future conversion to Angular
  • Built a "differ" to compare a policy at different times


Thanks for visiting my site. If you have any questions or just want to get in contact, feel free to send me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn.